Konrad thinning harvester

The economical solution for first thinning

The Konrad Thinning Harvester (KDH40-1) with Woody WH40-1 is the answer for following question: Is first thinning economical? With the tracked harvester KDH from Konrad, definitely!

Add-on system

The add-on system enables an individual customer configuration tailor made for their needs. For example keeps the tilt-able upper carriage the operator environment levelled in steep slopes. An optimised main boom for improved kinematic as well as an extension with hidden hose routing further improves reach and productivity. Further useful options such as climbing support bars mounted on the tracks, a hydraulic winch, the Power-Boost-Hydraulic-Accumulator or an additional rear weight complete the KDH offering. The purchase- and operational costs stay economical even with that versatile offer. A low weight and compact design make transports simple and easy.

  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Optimised lift arm
  • Tilt device for upper carriage
  • Power boost – hydraulic accumulator
  • Climbing aids at the chain drive

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